Péter Csermely: What are stress proteins for? - Old and new conceptions129
Gyula Bencze: Science and media136
Sándor Jeszenszky - László Kovács - Albert Szalóky: Ányos Jedlik - physicist, electrical engineer and professor143
Zoltán G. Szabó: Linguistics and language of poetry in the works of romantic Vörösmarty164

Festive session of the General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
György Enyedi: The century of social sciences170
László Keviczky: Knowledge - an inexhaustible fond of resources175
Szilveszter E. Vizi: Science takes risks by its very mission179

Ideas and Values
Béla Mester: Political community and freedom of religion184

The Scientific Workshop
Natural geography in Hungary (Gábor Mezősi)193
The Hungarian Electronic Library (Magdolna Zimányi)204
The future of electronic periodicals and libraries (András Holl)212
The status of agricultural higher education in Hungarian language in the Carpathian Basin (László Heszky)215

Debates and Opinions
The position of Hungarian science in the international competition (Dénes Berényi)217
The triple benefit of Esperanto (Ottó Haszpra)219

Arrows of uranium over the Balkans (M. Gy. - T. E.)222

History of Science
Water-colours in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and on the web (Emil Krén - Béla Mázi - Béla Rozsondai224


Book reviews231

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