Headed for Europe: research programs of the NPPSSH relating to Hungary's EU membership

József Hámori: Introductory words

Margit Rácz: The EU-maturity of Hungary based on macroeconomic indicators

Károly Fazekas: The impact of FDI inflows on regional labour market in Hungary

Zsuzsa Ferge: Social political challenges at century's end

Pál Péter Tóth: Can we stop the decrease of our population?

Antal Bőhm: Clout in local government

Mária Ormos: The international context of the Kádár-era

Gábor Várnai: Challenges of European integration in Hungarian regional policies

Kristóf Nyíri: Open scholarship, open education: interdisciplinarity and the Internet

György Granasztói: Challenges of integration: the problem of civil society

Mihály Sárkány: Preserving national identities within the European Union

Section meetings

Priority 1. Strategic issues of Hungarian economic development amid global and European processes. Report by András Székely-Doby

Priority 2. Transformations in production, employment, and ownership. Report by Györgyi Barta - György Fekete

Priority 3A. Enhancing administration and local government. Report by László Boros

Priority 3B. Aspects and dimensions of regionality in the context of NPPSSH research. Report by Bálint Csatári

Priority 4. Higher education, technical training, minorities. Report by Gábor Halász

Priorities 5-6. Social issues, the reproduction of generations. Report by István Harcsa

Priority 7. Security challenges and army reform. Report by Péter Tálas

Priority 8A. Exploring, preserving, and publishing our cultural heritage. Report by László Jankovits

Priority 8B. The research of Hungarians within and outside of Hungary. Report by János Bali

Priority 9. Post-1945 Hungarian society, economy, and politics. Report by Zsuzsanna Varga

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